Where are the rest vestiges of Afghanistan’s Taliban leaders hiding?

Where are the rest vestiges of Afghanistan€™s Taliban leaders hiding? Are they cowering in caves near the pakistani boundary? Perhaps they own a condo caliber

Where are the rest vestiges of Afghanistan€™s Taliban leaders hiding? Are they cowering in caves near the pakistani boundary? Perhaps they own a condo caliber in Karachi. additional likely they are on a Dude Ranch influence America€™s Heartland.

Remember 1994? religious fundamentalists overtook Afghanistan and trounced on that nation€™s women curtain a vengeance. Being draped in a burga and beaten esteem the streets became standard fair. Most docs were banned from treating women, and voting €“ no way!

Is history repeating itself? Last week in South Dakota religious fundamentalists passed a measure making it a felony for doctors to resolve any abortion, except to save the life of a pregnant daughter. No exceptions are false in cases of rape or incest. There changed into no state far balloting. Déj• vu!

Help for sufferers of religious extremism connections Afghanistan was placid to come. Ultimately, refugee camps sprang up alongside the borders and women€™s rights organizations broadcasted messages of support into the occupied country via short wave radio. flurry to occupied southward Dakota€™s oppression is already whereas fixed. Refugee camps are springing up along borders with Dakota€™s more open-minded neighbors, such as Mormonville, Nebraska also Laramie, Wyoming. Citizens of Redecktown, Missouri are collection CB radios to airdrop around get going Rushmore.

South Dakota€™s female population has had a mixed reaction to this Red States recent horrific legislation. When Republican Kellie Clueless was asked her attitude of legislative leaders forcing their entrust on the intimate lives of free American women she said, €œAh um da.€

Antiabortion activist, Betty Sue Backwoods was interviewed network the bikini wax isle at a Sioux Falls Wal Mart. Betty Sue was quoted thanks to saying, €œI think Rep. Roger W. Hunt is a stone-cold fox and I thank God he puts my religion over everyone else€™s beliefs. That€™s what makes America what it is to day.€ Then she tossed her six children into the caravan and sprinted off to check the balance on her EBT card.

Surprisingly, one well known Democrat supported the balance outright. Dr Wantmoremoney, publician of the Back alley abortion and Penicillin Clinic, in pant Nut, SD made several lucrative donations across party lines to illustrate his new found love of Catholicism further loathing of the US Constitution.

As the controversy rages, America€™s sons and daughters die and kill in iraq. For what? To arrange America from religious fanatics hell-bent on destroying individual freedoms this country was founded on. At least, that is what we are told. Yet, the US Army has no longer even begun reconnaissance operations around deadwood.

Meanwhile, in Pierre, Governor Mike rounds added his input. “In the history of the world, the true trial of a civilization is how well people mend the most unsafe and by much helpless in their society. The sponsors and supporters of this bill believe that abortion is wrong because unborn children are the most vulnerable and most helpless persons in our society. I grant with them,” Rounds said in a statement.

When requested if perhaps a pregnant 12-year-old girl raped by way of her uncle might be a touch fresh vulnerable than a pin-sized glob of splitting embryonic cells, Rounds responded by trying to sell this communicator a supplementary auto insurance policy. The policy came procure with the new SD mandated Terrorist Assault Vehicle Insurance respect for an extra $10.00 per ticks. My own government now has a seventy eight Yugo better protected than my womb.

As for the money that will be wasted fighting this rights-slapping law to the unrivaled Court, the legislature has laid out a plan let have sacrifice more of the Black Hills to special interest corporations direction order to finance this loosing battle.

Yes, it would appear the missing Taliban have been eventuate. Religious fanaticism is alive and well in southward Dakota. Privacy, individuality and freedom are D.O.A. Perhaps National protect troops should perform shopping asset Cave in the pitch-dark Hills over Osama Bin encumbered. It is arresting that precursor mike Rounds and Mr. bin weighted down have never been heuristic together in public. might they typify one in the same?

With each mystery responded a new question arises. For example, whilst donning our denim burgas would South Dakota€™s legislators prefer we women place rodeo buckles on the inside or superficial?

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