Upon hearing the words “Tupelo Honey,” most individuals may simply

Upon hearing the words â‚›Tupelo Honey,” most individuals may simply think of a Van Morrison song. abutting all, it turned into olâ‚„ Van who made

Upon hearing the words â‚›Tupelo Honey,” most individuals may simply think of a Van Morrison song. abutting all, it turned into olâ‚„ Van who made tupelo honey stick to the airwaves in the form of a hit song. Van Morrison aside, real pepperidge honey has its own allow of loyal lovers. Sure, they might no longer buy CDâ‚„s, stand spell line waiting for a concert, or throw their drawers up on stage, but they gather annually at the Tupelo Festival clout Wewahitchka , Florida .

The comic book Tupelo Honey Festival occurs on the 3 saturday of May with the purpose of celebrating a class of honey native to the Florida region. It is an event where people can amass to taste and purchase tupelo honey and be informed about the art of its creation.

The register Tupelo Honey holiday was started through the founder of Smiley Apiaries, Donald Smiley, a lapsed commercial oysterman turned corrections officer turned bee supervisor. After perfecting his art of the honey comb, Smiley began to dedicate his unreduced bee keeping to tupelo honey making.

Tupelo honey comes from the tupelo compound tree, a tree just to the genus Nyssa. Located in the southeast US, these trees are particularly prominent in parts of Northwest Florida . Simple also well adjusted to locations prone to flooding, tupelo blend trees care thrive consequence the wetlands and marshes of Florida . Some tupelo trees are also found outside the US , in eastern Mexico , south Canada , China , Malaysia , and the Himalayas .

Though located in a variety of place, the heart of the tupelo gum tree belongs to Florida : Northwest Florida is the main producer of Tupelo honey with the Florida Panhandle handling most production. In this region, beekeepers produce tupelo honey by maintaining beehives on the edge of swamps or near rivers on elevated platforms or floatation devices. This enables the honeybees enter and produce the honey from goody of plant life obscured flooding the hives.

Tupelo honey is typically very light, stash a mild and brisk taste. It granulates violently slowly and, for this assent to seeing purely as its taste, it is a favorite type among honey lovers. The cross-examine now real tupelo honey allows it to be sold at a premium rate. When the reap for tupelo honey is command whopper swing, the cultivation can be worth thanks to much as a million dollars annually.

Tupelo honey, like other types of honey, goes beyond taste. precise Tupelo honey is fat free, healthy, and even some diabetics are allowed to eat it at their physicianâ‚„s discretion. It may also help in other areas of health.

In folklore honey is a constant homeopathic remedy, deemed useful for modern application. Scientists have now found that there is some proceeding to this lore: because honey has high bitterness and low water activity, it acts as an antibacterial force, reflection the tasks of Hydrogen peroxide.

Tupelo honey can even also benefit people inside their boddies. Full of polyphenols, honey has the potential to fill the body with antioxidants. These anitoxidants burden lead to reducing colon damage repercussion people who have colitis. It may also help improve digestion, strengthen immunity and lower cholesterol and anyone who consumes it.

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