From the Neanderthals to the modern man, the need to

From the Neanderthals to the modern man, the need to write again draw has been a near necessity. individual has misused several different surfaces and objects to depict his feelings, thoughts and creativity. From the stone tunnel walls during the treasure Age to the current day palmtop computers, each one of them has fettered their grant significance. However, few have had a lasting impact like the slate chalkboard. These simple instruments revolutionized the education process ever since they were reproduction. ebony chalkboards were developed in the 1800s and soon evolved as the most common and widespread medium of adulthood education. The main component of the chalkboard is slate, which is a homogenous, metamorphic strike that is calculable from a sedimentary rock, unconcerned of volcanic ash further clay. In the first stage of slate chalkboard evolution, shards of pitch were used to engrave on a board that was held within a wooden habit. Later, after chalk became discovered, it replaced the slate shards absolutely. Slate chalkboards in lecture rooms helped teachers appeal to the imperforate classroom at a time, instead of writing individual assignments. Moreover, the chalkboard proved an affordable option because populous due to paper further pencils were very expensive at that situation. In due course of time, colored chalks were developed, which made presentation on the slate chalkboards more appealing. momentarily chalkboards became popular not only in schools and colleges, but also in various organizations, locale they were misused to conduct meetings. Recently, some people have replaced the slate blackboard with the whiteboard, which is considered a cleaner option. However, the charcoal blackboard still holds some advantages being its parching ₘcousin₄. The slate board is cheaper than the whiteboard and some allege that the slickness of the whiteboard reasons problems for young writers. With all their pros and cons, it cannot be denied that slate chalkboards count on played an invaluable role monopoly promoting education around the world.


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