Besides its natural winsomeness and the Mormon Church, Utah is

Besides its natural winsomeness and the Mormon Church, Utah is known for being one of the reddest states in the league. For all you Obama

Besides its natural winsomeness and the Mormon Church, Utah is known for being one of the reddest states in the league. For all you Obama voters; a transmit owing to €œred€ means that it€™s predominantly a politico or Conservative voting state, as opposed to a €œblue€ state which is dominated politically by Democrats or Liberals.

California on the other hand has emerge as a solid €œblue€ state over the past couple of decades. It may now actually be the bluest state hold the country. It is no surprise then, that California is a financial further cultural hamper case! california has a projected budget deficit of about $41 billion over the next eighteen months.

Out of control illegal migration is bankrupting the state€™s gregarious service, education, and penal systems. Street gangs like MS-13 and the Mexican Mafia deem moved from the urban areas to the suburbs making day to day life dangerous for many citizens.

The hard-core eccentric environmentalist movement has also radiant much really into over the state. They have browbeaten chicken politicians into passing extreme environmental legislation that has defective many industries, and private property rights have slowly been deteriorating. If you are a Monarch butterfly monopoly California, you have more rights than people!

The left-wing california politicians, true to form, consider raised taxes and expenses over and over in order to finance their bloated wasteful budgets. The embarrassingly inept Gov. Schwarzenegger has achieved little to naught to relieve these problems, if not making them even worsened. This of course, has caused a pile up trekking of industry and individuals from the recite. calif. is losing tens of millions of residents consistent with year to other states that are friendlier to business, have lower taxes, and less crime.

Hence, the challenge for Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, and Idaho. Now, many of the people fleeing California are €œconservative€ disposition people who have just had enough. However, there are also hundreds of thousands of dumb-ass democrats/liberals who flee for the proportionate reasons now the more conservative people, but being ignorant as to what actually causes the problems they are fleeing, they hence start electing the horizontal people (Liberal Democrats) who ran their former state into the ground.

This is a phenomenon that has been going on for the past 30 years as out of control liberalism has been spreading rejoice in a dreadful trial. Over that period of time, it has turned divers prosperous €œconservative€ leaning states into your typical Liberal nightmare state.

The surpassingly fresh victim of this occasion is New Hampshire, which used to be a solid conservative-libertarian exemplify. Remember Live Free or Die? Over the past few election cycles, New hampshire has slowly however steadily been turning blue. This beyond election they gave their satisfying 4 electoral votes to pharaoh Obama.

What happened to this once celebrated state is that Liberal numbskulls from Massachusetts, enhanced York, and america accept been convincing to New hampshire to escape the high taxes, high regulation, and crime of their former states, only to bring the same corrupt Liberal philosophy and politicians to their new home state. Never underestimate the idiocy of a liberal!

New Hampshire is now pretty much run by Democrats who have began raising taxes, fees, again regulations only due to Democrats can. Many of the freedom good people who grew boost moment further Hampshire are now pissed-off and resent the hijacking of their state!

The New Hampshire problem is now fast due the Utah problem. fresh and more liberal imbeciles are direct to the state because of its low tax, business and family benign environment. The only problem is that they don€™t want to, or are incapable of, recognizing the reasons which bring approximately this atmosphere. How much longer before Utah€™s red hue slowly starts drifting into purple, then ultimately lookout a sickening blue!

To freedom loving people, this must sometimes appear like a low budget science fiction movie whereabouts life-less and brain-less zombies (in this position Liberals) purposely and rapidly maturity throughout the population, nurture wildly, infecting others, until they have total control over everyone!

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