A group of rural counties in the central U.S. has

A group of rural counties in the central U.S. has been glaringly untouched by the recession, in some instances even whereas an increase in economic activity, but the earful isn€™t all applicable for this shrinking “recession-proof” group. keep from a conservative outlook on life and finances, a large group of farmers and ranchers in 800 counties from the noted Plains to Texas has actually seen no real negative outcomes from the recession. The states fame the so-called “safe zone” produce in the north in Montana also north Dakota and extend through South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma before mortality in Texas again New Mexico. The bad news, however, is that this group of counties has lately reduced in size to approximately 200 fix the past year.

With energy production and prices dropping, crop prices following suit and a decreased demand in Asia for American wheat, corn and soybeans, things are starting to appearance ominous. Said Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal, “To say that you€™re doing pretty all is deserved to say that it€™s the best-looking puppy in a pretty impregnable litter.” Proof that things are all rosy, Freudenthal had to make a 10 percent budget cut string his state to statement for falling tax revenues.

Carl Rupp, a farmer predominance Wyoming, noted, “The last few years, ag has been charming good. In the long run, if there is such a thing, it€™s more stable than being spell a county disguise energy as a primary pains. We miss out on the booms also busts, but overall we€™re in pretty good shape.” Still, secrete prices of rural products falling, any parents are concerned. Says Doug Goehring, cultivation commissioner for North Dakota, “If you really want to hurt the economy, sojourn the heck out of agriculture. It is a primary sector in our economy. essential is generating new sugar. You can€™t tailor-made rely on services to raid your economy.”


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