may 10, 2008 Evansville, IN – A wrongful death

may 10, 2008 Evansville, IN – A wrongful death case has been filed against a mining company by the spouse of a Wyoming man who fell approximately 550 feet to his obliteration force a black mine air shaft.

The litigation is alleging negligence on the part of Frontier-Kemper Constructors Inc. because they did now not provide befitting safety measures to 66-year-old Daniel McFadden. spell addition to McFadden, Todd Richardson, 38, also Jarred Ashmore, 23, also fell to their deaths. The men were taking an August 2007 tour of the mining stem when they intact fell from the construction bucket that was holding them.

The suit alleges that safety belts further harnesses were no longer provided to the men to steer clear of them from falling. There was also a cuff and a 20-foot nylon sling that was attached to the bottom of the bucket that changed into now not detached after the men had entered the bucket to begin their tour of the shaft. In addition, an employee had been assigned to watch the men, but, according to the lawsuit, left the enviornment to do other work while the men were in the bucket.

Attorneys whereas Sandra Lee McFadden, Daniel McFadden’s wife, filed the lawsuit on her behalf in U.S. District Court besides are seeking $9.5 million in damages. The trial is also seeking that missed accumulation and funeral expenses produce compensated.

The corporate safety director for the mining company, george Zugel, has said to the media that he is not aware that there was a lawsuit; therefore he has declined any type of comment.

As owing to why McFadden was at the mine, he was involved secrete the 30th anniversary celebration that was celebrating the enlargement of his company, Frontier Constructors, tuck away Kemper that took place domination 1977.

A report that was issued in March 2008 by the Indiana Bureau of Mines and Mine Safety said that the containerful had traveled down approximately 20 feet whilst the nylon trebuchet had wedged itself in a door, which caused the bucket to tip. This caused the men to experience blunt impact trauma, which became the cause of their deaths.

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